Analog photography is my new time consuming hobby. I started in 2016 with pinhole photography, and I have gone on to use standard film cameras. It has dawned on me that analog photography is a huge discipline and there is enough material to immerse myself in the next few years. Bear with me it is not perfect, but I am striving to improve myself. I post my progress to this gallery as I continues to work.

All photography that is involving a photochemical process, I define as analog photography. Photographic film/paper, wet plate or similar. So far I have made my own simple pinhole cameras till I ended up buying a new Ondu 6×6 pinhole camera. It was a lot easier… I have now moved on to Nikon FM2 camera for 135 film, and Fuji GW690iii (Texas Leica) for 120 film. Large format photography is planed a little further into the future.